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Brand reinvention for a patient led approach

There’s a trend in independent pharmacy-land to redefine what a pharmacy is. Moving away from the typical in-and-out Walgreens approach, independents are embracing a holistic, customized consultative marketplace. This shift empowers patients to make on their own healthcare decisions.

Kramer invented the name ElixRx. This cluster of mostly consonants sounds a lot like Elixir, defined by Miss Merriam-Webster as “a medicinal solution of a specified type.” The name alludes to the compounding and customization process itself and the approach is your elixir.

The brand feels more like a spa-space than a pharmaceutical space. It’s a comfortable place to discuss your health options. With wood floors, slate counter tops and soothing green walls, the space is a part of the whole brand experience.

Kramer helped define ElixRx’s patient-led approach by providing conversational tools that invite the patient to ask questions about his or her health and put complicated ideas like compounding or medication synchronization into relatable terms. Messaging Example for Compounding: Medicine that fits finer than a tailored suit. Just Ask: What are my options?

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