Send us Files

To use our File Transfer Site, go to: If you do not have an existing private login you can use our guest access login. Contact your account representative if you wish to have your own private login, or to get the current guest login credentials.

  • Go to
  • To login enter the username and password provided by your account representative
  • To Upload a File, click the “Upload A File” button, fill out the short form and click “Next”
  • Use the “Browse” button to find a file on your computer to upload
  • Click “Start Uploading”
  • The window will give a “Done” message under the file name. The file will appear in the file tree list beneath the upload window
  • Close the window. Your job has transferred and Kramer will receive an email notification of the transfer.

Hint: Instead of uploading a bunch of files, try “zipping” your folder and uploading the compressed, zipped file. It will take less time to upload!

If you have any questions or problems give us a call at 608-849-1984.

Thank you for your business!