What is Strategic Brand Consulting

At its highest level, brand management is understanding and managing perceptions to get and keep customers. It’s that simple and that hard. Using strategic brand consulting, we get clear about what your company’s brand is all about. In short, Kramer Madison has the staff, skill and experience to assist you in managing your brand. 

Because we understand strategy, our work begins with questions. Strategic brand consulting allows us to better understand your needs and opportunities. How exactly is your company positioned in the marketplace? What’s the one word that defines your messaging strategy? When you consider how much you’ll spend on marketing, doesn’t it make sense to build your plans on a solid foundation?


  • Startups Serve your company to the market.
  • Product Launches Invent your new product and packaging.
  • Branding Refresh your brand if it’s not making you profitable.

Spread the Word

  • Integrated Media Campaigns Use all channels to reinforce the idea.
  • Launch Campaigns Let the creative do the work.
  • Outdoor Marketing Develop signage, window graphics, and billboards.

Refine your Message

  • Collateral Design Give your marketing materials a facelift.
  • Brand Landscape Focus your brand in a tidy document to live by.
  • Website Redesign Your website is the first impression. Do it right.