Why Direct Mail?

We may live in a digital world, and it’s easy to believe that the best way to reach our customers is through their phones and other digital devices; however, marketers should still recognize direct mail as an important channel for reaching their customers. After all, everyone has a mailbox, and according to the United States Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail every day. In addition, 90% of direct mail gets opened compared to emails that have an open rate of just 20-30% according to the Data & Marketing Association. Furthermore, direct mail rarely gets thrown away without at least being held and glanced at first, and many people enjoy having something tangible in their hands to touch and feel. Would you believe that millennials respond to direct mail faster than any other age group according to a Gallup poll? It’s clear that direct mail truly provides marketers with an opportunity to make their brand stand out and have a memorable impression on their customers.

Why Kramer’s Direct Mail Services?

Kramer Madison is your postal expert from start to finish. We will help ensure that your direct mail campaign meets your needs and fits your budget, and we can help you with the design, print, and mailing. You can provide us with your own mailing list, or have us acquire a targeted mailing list for you. We’ll ensure your list is properly processed to meet postal service regulations and that your piece reaches your customer’s mailbox. Utilize our variable data print capabilities to enhance your mailing and make your campaign even more personal and targeted.

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail®

If you don’t want to deal with a mailing list, we can help you develop an EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) campaign. EDDM® allows you to target specific neighborhoods or zip codes without needing to purchase a specific list, and the postage rates are discounted. EDDM® is a great tool for small businesses, realtors, and restaurants.

Informed Delivery® and Informed Visibility® by USPS

Digitally enhance your direct mail campaign by utilizing Informed Delivery® and Informed Visibility® from the USPS. Informed Delivery® is a consumer-facing feature offered by USPS that provides consumers with a digital preview of their mail before it arrives. This preview can include a full-color image and clickable links to help drive traffic to your website and capture valuable data to help measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

Informed Visibility® is a tool for marketers to know when their direct mail piece is delivered to its recipients. This information allows marketers to more strategically plan corresponding marketing campaigns like emails and social media ads.