Kramer Madison Logo Design

Logo design with Kramer Madison is an experience. We understand how personal your new logo is and how much it is a reflection of your company. We dive deep into research. What does the marketplace look like? What are your competitors doing? Then, we add the magic. The special sauce that makes the design sing, people take notice and sells your product or service.

Lightning strikes at Kramer regularly, because our design philosophy is simple: a logo must have an impact at any scale, clarity of vision and restless attention to detail. It has to work in digital and print, and even on a company t-shirt. Your logo is the first visual contact you have with your customers, aim to make a lasting impression. Separate yourself from a sea of competitors with logo design from Kramer Madison.

Our Logo Design Process

The logo design process is a collaborative one. We begin with a conversation about business goals, your industry and your customers. How do you see your brand? Does that vision align with the needs of your customers? Only after we understand your marketplace needs, do we begin the creative process.

When we begin, we are armed with the knowledge and understanding that makes real business sense. The end product is a highly dynamic logo that works well at all scales and in every media channel designed by true professionals with years of experience. This logo design process allows us to execute for fortune 500 companies as well as the brightest new startups.

Interested? Want to get started today? Take the first step by filling out our logo questionnaire so we have all the information we need to hit the ground running on your brand’s new identity.

Featured Project


The Bird Seeder logo and packaging was a project with one goal above all else: create a brand identity that makes people smile.