Trailblazers and Powerhouses

It all began with Mildred Kramer Gill, the entrepreneurial graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business, who set folks atwitter in 1936 by opening a female-owned letter shop on the Capitol Square.

Kramer Printing grew strong under the leadership of Felix Kremer (no relation to Mildred Kramer), and since 1984, led by power couple Todd and Liz Tiefenthaler, the business became a dynamic print and marketing agency.

Today, with President/Owner Gina Weise at the helm, the sky’s the limit with creative services to wow the world. We have everything your business needs to set new trails ablaze and amp up your marketing power.

Kramer Madison is proud to be a member of the following:

Greater Madison Postal Customer Council
women owned snall business certification