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File Submission FAQ

What kind of file submission does Kramer prefer.
We prefer print-ready PDFs. Native files may be requested on a case by case basis depending on your needs.

What color modes and resolution should my files be in.
CMYK as best practice. All RGB images will be converted during our ripping process. We always recommend all images are no less than 300 dpi.

What about bleed?
For any element that extends off the edge of the paper we ask for .125″ bleed. This extra room in essential for trimming and finishing. Please ensure you document has proper bleed in the PDF presets when exporting your final artwork.

What PDF setting should I be using?
Save artwork as Press Quality PDF with .125 bleed. Using InDesign, use our PDF preset below.

Download Our Indesign Preset

Click Here To Download

How to I install the preset?

  1. Open InDesign
  2. Go to File —> Adobe Preset —> Define
  3. In the Adobe PDF Presets dialog box select load.
  4. Navigate to this folder and select XMF PDF.joboptions
  5. Select Done

When you output your PDF from Indesign select “XMF PDF” from the Preset dropdown at the the top of the export dialog box.