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Promotions to the Rescue

When your trainer says to integrate strength training with cardio, you do it. When your financial planner says that it’s time to diversify your portfolio, you do it. When your marketing guru mentions you need a bigger mix? You call Kramer Madison.

Kramer Madison utilizes all media channels to get your big idea out there and working for you. A campaign of clever promotions may be the ticket you need to capture your audience’s attention just when you think you’ve exhausted all your resources. And with new promotions  available weekly, there’s always something that fits your brand.

Kramer Madison has a way with swag. » Hit us up for your next trade conference, grand opening or lead generation mailing. We’ll integrate your campaign message through packaging, printed pieces and enhance the experience with an appropriate branded leave-behind promotional item.

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We have a trusted network of custom-branded marketing promotion vendors who supply everything from tech-savvy office gear to embossed chocolate bars. Leave the product search up to us, just » send us your need and we’ll give you options you weren’t aware existed.

» Download our Holiday Lookbook