May 10, 2016

Top 5 Promotion Ideas: Branded by Design

Promotion ideas from T's to keys.

Our clients ask for them all the time, so here they are. Presenting the top 5 promotion ideas we bring, without fail, to every meeting. There are thousands of promo items to customize for your company or event, and to be honest, some are simply better than others. Here are 5 promotional item hits that will keep your brand top of mind.



Wear Your Brand

The mighty T. The universal symbol of comfort and functionality. Can you ever have enough of them? Wear your brand proudly or show your appreciation for your event sponsors. We think of every T-shirt as a blank canvas, waiting to be designed and worn with pride. Consider your brand promoted.

Top Five Promo Ideas


The Daily Grind

Coffee, water or whatever gets you going in the morning. Now it can stay hot or cold and look good in the process. Just make sure the logo is facing out when you take a swig.

Top Five Promo Ideas


The Future Is Bright

Hey, it’s summer, so you’re going to need some protection. Great for event promotion and just hanging out. Tie your logo branded sunglasses in with a clever marketing campaign and you’re golden. Extra points for using a brand color for the sunglasses themselves.

Top Five Promo Ideas


Stop Losing Stuff

The Chipolo is a masterstroke of tech. It syncs via Bluetooth® with your phone and rings when you need to find whatever it is you’ve attached it to. We’ve tried it on dogs, bikes and of course, keys. The sound it makes is magical when you’re about to lose it. They come in a variety of colors so you can mix things up.

Top Five Promo Ideas


Are You Writing This down?

Have you ever given someone a pen and never gotten it back? Well, if it’s got your logo on it, this is a good thing. Keep your company top of mind when your clients and potential customers are writing it all down. Here’s a quick tip; make sure you don’t get the cheapest pens available just to save a couple bucks. The quality of the pen reflects how much you care about your brand and your customers.

Top Five Promo Ideas
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