Pssst. Did you know your company’s alive? In true Mary Shelley fashion, your brand has a voice, a heartbeat and an endearing identity. Kramer wanted to capture that ever-changing essence in a really cool, over-the-top-fold-em-up-metallic inked poster.  “Great,” the creative team said.  “But where can we get a yeti from?” We had to find one for this piece. And, let us tell you, it’s not easy pinning a yeti down.

Kramer set out on an expedition amidst the blustery peaks of Everest in search of this so-called mythological creature. Turns out that was a bust, so we just so happened upon this big guy wandering the farm fields off Highway 19. “Cool. We’ll take him,” we said. We lured him in with a half-eaten bag of Lay’s and some leftover limited-edition cans of Surge. This guy was hooked.

After a 37-hour portrait session, we finally were able to capture his likeness. Yeti was a little harried, (literally) but didn’t mind cooperating. Also, the promise of more carbs kept him going. The results were astonishing. Yeti became more than our furry, bumbly friend. He became the face of a company.

We returned Yeti where we found him in hopes that others might recognize him and want to go  somewhere else. It’s about going places—a mini bike ride or a globetrotting adventure. It’s up to you. Just know that your very own yeti is starving and can’t wait to take a trip.

Tell us about the big monster in your room, and we’ll deliver the big ideas.