The Brava Magazine website is the source of all things women. Whether it’s a new fashion trend, or the next up-and-coming local artisan — The Brava Magazine website is your go-to.

Brava encourages women in the greater Madison community to thrive. The new site provides content that inspires, empowers and initiates change.

The Brava magazine website mission

The new Brava magazine website heralds the printed magazine. The website layout design retains classic typography, a tidy grid structure and a breezy environment, so the content is allowed to make the visual impact. doesn’t replace the printed magazine, it reinforces it. We’re bringing our readership relevant content in a way that fits their lifestyle.
– Michelle Reddington

What’s new?

Unlike the magazine, the Brava magazine website is organized by section instead of column. Readers can intuitively browse content from the first visit forward. New sections include: travel, food, fashion, shop, community and home. Explore by your interest instead of by date.

The new website announces, involves and invites readers to Brava and community events. All events are listed on the Events Calendar and readers can now submit their own community events.

Just a few weeks of launch, traffic is heavy. All signs point toward an even richer engagement with Brava’s brand. It’s clear readers are ready for this new channel.

Add the Brava Magazine website to your favorites list. Carve out an hour in your week to sip on your dark roast with cream, sugar and a dollop of inspiration.

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