Become acquainted with the Chipolo; the best mind-easing, misplaced-item-finding and time-saving product.

There are thousands of promotional products out there — from typical, to extravagant, to “what the heck is that”, to everything in between. When you come across a product that is not only cool but useful in everyday life. Everyone wins.. and your ROI begins to grow.

Here’s why the Chipolo is the newest and coolest of promotional products out there right now:

Have you ever been in a hurry, and as you’re running out the door you realize your keys are no where to be found? If you had a Chipolo on your keychain there would be no need to freak out. Simply open the Chipolo app on your smartphone, click the button, and a “beeping” alert gets bluetoothed from your phone to your Chipolo. Voila! There are your keys, stuffed between the couch cushions along with some pennies and cookie crumbs. Easy peezy.

The Chipolo is small and can be put on anything – your keys, bike, backpack – and even if you’re not near enough to hear your phone ringing, the app will use your GPS to direct you to your missing item. HOW COOL IS THAT?! And what’s even better is your logo front and center on the Chipolo. Wherever it’s connected your brand is being flaunted, and that person will continue to thank you as their Chipolo makes their life that much easier.
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