Sometimes, when we talk about branding, things get pretty esoteric. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. “By creating a holistic brand experience, we find that the integrated shapes create a sense of unity found within the solace of the negative space.” Woah, heavy stuff. But, with this little guy, we were very clear about who we are. Nothing to decode here. We’re Kramer—your best friend, ready to lick your face off.

Still riding the high and living the mantra of ReFresh, (find out what that is here) we decided it was high-time to give our pocket folders a facelift.

At first glance, pocket folders are so…blah. But the creatives saw this as an opportunity to inject personality, warm and fuzzy as it may be, into the brand. There was, however, one catch—we only had 6 hours to pull it off.

“Holy cosmos, Batman! How is that even possible?,” you say.  Well, with a lot of expertise on the back end, we made the Kramer puppy sit pretty. Check out some of the process photos below to see how fetching this pocket folder really is.

Wanna be best friends? Toss your pocket folders ideas here. We’ll fetch you something good.