Facebook advertising is taking off in a big way. It’s power lies in the ability to deliver your message to specific audiences and in generating reports on exactly how they reacted to your message. Companies now have a way to target and wisely spend those marketing dollars. Spend as little as $5.00 a day and see results almost immediatley. But what makes good Facebook ads? What makes people click to learn more about your offer, promotion, product or event?

1. The Right Audience

Gone are the days of shouting the same message to all people. If traditional advertising is about saturation, Facebook advertising is about pinpoint placement. If you have the ability to deliver a message to someone who may already be interested in your product, chances are they will want to click and learn more. It’s that simple. Use Facebook’s over 2000 targeting variables to find the audience that cares. Looking to market to only to Lego fans who are into Star Wars…check.

2. Good Creative

Make sure your Facebook ads are well written and engaging. Will it motivate your audience to click? Choose photos that are pro quality and put your company in a good light. I’ve been told that dogs tend to do well on Facebook. Don’t rip off someone else’s ad or image, nobody likes a copycat. Don’t drop your logo in as the picture, nobody cares.

3. A-B testing

Sometimes I think an ad will do really well and it tanks. I try not to take it personally. The message didn’t resonate and the audience moved on down the newsfeed. It’s OK, because you can always change up the message and the photo. The best ad might be your second or third choice. Build more than one, use the different placements and see what works. Get into the Power Builder and be creative. Analyze the results from your Facebook ads and use that knowledge for your next campaign.

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