In part one of our Kramer Direct series, Tracy Mueller, VP Sales, debunks the myth that direct mail is dead. You can read that first blog post here to learn why, in fact, direct mail continues to be a relevant and effective marketing tool to reach your target audience.

Our second Kramer Direct post shares creative ideas on how to make your mail stand out from the crowd. 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want. (Epsilon)

So how do you make your brand and message stick, literally, to the side of someone’s refrigerator or bulletin board?

The key is being creative. By incorporating the following ideas into your direct mail campaign, you can increase engagement and response rates. Better yet, work with Kramer’s talented design team to create a unique, tailored marketing campaign.

Here are some tried and true creative ways to make your direct mail memorable:

variable printing

Personalization: With the advances of digital printing, it’s both cost effective and efficient to run smaller, more personalized campaigns. With variable printing techniques, you can incorporate their name, location, change out the messaging, the offers, and even the photography to tailor the content and make the communication more relevant and effective. It creates a sense of connection and engages the reader.

Branding: Direct mail is an opportunity to showcase your brand. Because direct mail is physical and real time, your brand is front and center with no barriers between you and the recipient. Unlike email, there’s no delete button. When used to complement digital touchpoints, your brand is the first visual contact you have with your customers. Aim to make a lasting impression and build trust with consistent design that aligns with your brand guidelines to build recognition. The more consistent you are the more familiar you will become.

incorporate color into your design

Current design trends: Direct mail doesn’t have to be “ugly”. Create an immediate impact with beautifully designed, thoughtful pieces that align with your brand. Good design captures attention, engages the viewer, and can make an emotional impact. The right assets can communicate an idea without words. Using bold colors, graphics and photography will make your mail visually distinctive.

make your direct mail pop

Printing Techniques: Don’t be a square (literally). Direct mail pieces must conform to USPS guidelines to mail properly but that doesn’t mean you’re confined to the same boring rectangle everyone uses. Using specialty techniques like die-cutting, metallic ink and folded brochures are ways to create impact and make sure your mail piece gets seen and even admired.

Offers and promotions: Enticement is a tried-and-true method of building your business. With direct mail, you can target your audience precisely with localized offers that give your business a competitive advantage and build customer loyalty.

Whatever you do to stand out, remember to consider your target audience and make sure you are aligned with their preferences and interests. By incorporating these recommendations, you can increase the odds of your mail capturing attention.

Want the key to direct mail success?

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