It’s my distinct honor to announce that Wayne Glowac has joined Kramer as our Chief Marketing Officer. Everyone at Kramer just enrolled in a master-level class in strategic marketing.

Wayne is a career sales & marketing professional and has served as a consultant, ad agency owner, teacher and author. Prior to joining Kramer, Wayne was the VP of Sales & Marketing at Overture Center for the Arts. While there, he created and facilitated a corporate wide strategic planning process and coordinated the search and conversion to new enterprise ticketing software and oversaw the launch of a new website. Wayne also successfully won a Google Grant of up to $120,000 per year in marketing support.

A seasoned veteran of healthcare marketing, Wayne co-wrote Healthcare Tsunami, which was then presented in the media and at seminars to dozens of healthcare associations and organizations across the US.

In 2004 he was the winner of the National Arbor Day Public Relations Award.  Wayne also worked with the Salvation Army and helped create the first ever website-based registration for bell ringers which according to the Salvation Army, “Saved bell ringing in the United States.”

Under Wayne’s stewardship, Kramer will be able to deliver our clients a new perspective, best practices and big-picture strategy. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited. If you are looking for expert, practical advice on marketing strategy, or just want to have a lively chat, give Wayne a call.

Need some marketing help? Start a conversation with Wayne.