If there’s one thing you need to understand about Kramer culture is that we all have a bad case of puppy love. “Yeah, yeah” everyone loves dogs, “I get it” you say. No, we really love dogs. In fact, it’s sort of an “off day” when a furry little buddy doesn’t come in to visit. What is it about their Frito-smelling toes we’ll never understand, but goodness knows it’s awesome.

Almost every employee has a little furball of somekind at home. We’re encouraged to bring in the four-legged variety and when you do, you’re more popular than the nerd with a backstage pass at a One Direction concert. But why the obsession?

The truth is Kramer sort of sees itself like a dog. Why not? We’re extremely friendly, we’ll lick your face off and are always up for a game of fetch—throw us something and we’ll bring it right back. (Slobber not included). We’ve just always been that way and there’s no reason to stop now. Kramer is a working dog and we promise to leave your sneakers alone.

So take us for a walk sometime and we’ll never leave your side.

No, we really love dogs.

We Love Dogs - Kramer Madison