Informed Delivery Introduction for Consumers and Marketers

Informed Delivery is a free service from the United States Postal Service® (USPS) that allows registered consumers to receive emails with a digital preview of their household’s mail being delivered that day. In addition, Informed Delivery allows mailers and marketers to add digital elements to the previews of their mail campaign that the consumer receives in their email. With over 23 million registered email users, and an average email open rate of 63%, Informed Delivery provides an incredible opportunity for marketers to seamlessly integrate digital media with their direct mail and generate more impressions, engage consumers, and collect valuable data and insights.

63% of Informed Delivery notifications are opened daily (on average). With these higher-than-average open rates, you can increase your campaigns reach to engaged consumers.

The Basics

The standard preview in an Informed Delivery email is a simple black and white scan of the address panel side of the mail piece.

Marketers that activate an Informed Delivery campaign can add a color ride-along image to the preview Informed Delivery users see in their email. The ride-along image is clickable and appears below the primary scan of the mail piece. The ride-along image should be branded and sync with the mail piece as well as include a call-to-action encouraging the user to click the image which will take them to a target URL associated with the physical mail piece.

Marketers can further enhance their campaign by replacing the black and white scan preview with a color representative image. The color representative image is not clickable, but it is a great way for your brand and mail piece to stand out. The representative image must be branded and accurately represent the piece that is being delivered. A representative image is required for an Informed Delivery campaign if the piece is a flat size (larger than 6 1/8” x 11 1/2”) and cannot be scanned (catalogs, magazines, etc.)

Six Reasons to Use Informed Delivery

The ability for marketers and mailers to seamlessly integrate digital media with their direct mail campaigns is reason enough to take advantage of Informed Delivery, but there are a number of other potential benefits for marketers that use Informed Delivery campaigns.

  1. The average email open rate for Informed Delivery users is 63%! That’s three times the average open rate for email campaigns according to Mailchimp.
  2. Multiple people within a household can be registered to receive Informed Delivery emails. This generates more impressions and increases the overall reach of your campaign.
  3. The interactive content of Informed Delivery can help drive the desired consumer response. With Informed Delivery, your recipient no longer needs the physical mail piece to redeem a coupon or renew a subscription.
  4. Informed Delivery generates multiple touch points for your brand without needing your target’s email address. If addresses on your mailing list have registered ID® users, your campaign will appear in their email and their mailbox.
  5. More touch points, more impressions, and interactive digital content all increase the potential for a higher ROI (return on investment) on your direct mail spending.
  6. After your Informed Delivery campaign concludes, you can view and analyze reports from your campaign. Reports include the number of emails sent, emails opened, and click throughs.

Add Informed Delivery to Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Informed Delivery is sure to enhance the mail moment for your recipients, and the benefits of are hard to ignore. Contact Kramer Madison to get started on your next direct mail campaign with Informed Delivery. Our expertise in design, print, and direct mail will ensure your next campaign is a success and achieves results you’re looking for.