It’s a reflective time of year and we got to thinking about what the new year might bring and some of the marketing goals that are always at the top of the heap here at Kramer. Here’s a shortlist of action items to help you plan for this year’s new marketing campaign.

1. Worthy Website Content

It’s been a while, and you’ve been meaning to do it, but somehow you’ve managed to forget about your best salesperson, your website. It’s the first contact many have with your brand, and it’s imperative that it looks and sounds good. SEO these days is moving toward relevance and away from keyword stuffing. So, it’s even more important for your website to share with the world content that is truly helpful and worthwhile.

2. Get a Plan for Mobile

This one is big. Over the last 4 years, mobile usage has skyrocketed and the trend is upwards. Mobile now accounts for more internet usage than desktop machines. We use our phones for all types of reasons, not just email and texting. What does that mean for your business? It means you need a way to reach the masses when they are out-and-about. Time to start thinking about mobile search and how usable your website is on multiple devices. 

3. Re-Define Your Message

Has your business been telling the same story for so long that it no longer reflects who you are? Do you have new services or products that are overshadowed? Do you need to clarify your brand promise? It may be time to take a good look at your messaging and clear out the cobwebs.

4. Create a Schedule

Marketing can be overwhelming when it’s all on the table. Start a marketing plan and work one piece at a time. Set realistic goals and work incrementally. The city of Rome did not build their website in a day. Step back and get strategic about change. Website updates and new messaging will need a marketing push. Maximize efficiency by bundling updates—publishing the same content across multiple social channels at once. And remember, it’s better to do it right than to do it fast.

5. Understand What Worked

Tracking and analyzing marketing results is not easy and certainly will put a time constraint on your day. But, understanding what has worked, and more importantly, what didn’t, is just good business. You need to know how your clients are finding you and how you are failing to connect with the best opportunities. Set up a call with Kramer to discuss how a combination of Google Analytics, email marketing lists and mailing lists can inform your conversion rates.

Are there some goals you need accomplished? Contact us or give us a call at 608.849.1984.