Choose your own ink adventure

So you’ve got this idea (of course you do, you brilliant wizard) for a really cool print piece, but only need a small run of invites for your upcoming event. You envision a heavy black paper with white type sitting on top of a myriad of glistening stars. What do you do?
Enter Kramer. What’s great is that Kramer now has the capability to add a 5th color to its digital press. By simply adding white, you gain the look and feel of offset printing without having to run thousands of sheets. With just three hits of white on one pass through the press, your ink has achieved 100% opacity.Ta-dah!

With this new addition, your fun stock choices just went through the roof. You know, the papers you always look at and say “I wish I could use that.” Transparent, silver, gold or a rich black leave lasting impressions with your clients and make great foundations to build rich color. So your decision to contact Kramer really paid off in the end whilst avoiding evil ogres and hangry dragons along the way. If you’re interested in adding a magical, fantastic touch to your upcoming print piece, contact us or call (608) 849.1984 for a free quote on the joys of bringing another dimension to your marketing.