Have you seen these yet?

Pop Sockets are the new must-have accessory that will transform the way you use your mobile device. Peel the backing, stick it to your device, pop it out and BAM! You’re using a Pop Socket!

Whether you position it as a stand for watching videos or video messaging, as a grip for taking selfies or talking on your phone, or just to pop’n play with, this product makes everyday mobile device capabilities become even more of a breeze. Heck, add a second Pop Socket for more sturdiness and an earbud-management system! (No one likes tangled earbuds!)

Want to know the best part?

Since everyone loves fancy new phone accessories, this is the perfect branding tool! Not only is this a must-have product, it’s also front and center on your customer’s phone. This perfect placement results in ultimate brand exposure. On top of its inherent coolness, you can wet the backing of the Pop Socket to regain stickiness for long term use, making it a cost-effective and useful branding tool that can be moved from device to device.
This product is great for gifts, trade shows, conferences and just about anywhere you want your branding to go a long way!

Drop me a line for all the details at danielle@kramermadison.com.