What’s bigger than a yeti wearing a Kramer branded comfy tee, sipping on his sleek Kramer water bottle and sporting his oh-so-swanky sunnies? Nothing. Nothing except our new promotional marketing department at Kramer.

Promotional Marketing

Yeti with Swag(ger)

When we talk about branding and promotional marketing, we talk about the big picture. When Kramer announced that it was now offering promotional marketing products, the staff was really excited. Why? Because the entire creative department leapt up and exulted, “Score! Now we can finally get our superhero capes we’ve been dying to wear.” Really, we were excited because that entire big picture of your marketing mix just got a whole lot bigger. Now you can provide quality products to your clients.

When you diversify your messaging strategy, you reach a bigger audience. So, with your new tricks, you’ve learned that a promotional product like a customized water bottle or a cool cellphone charger is just the ticket to complete that missing component of your brand strategy.

But, also remember that people love stuff. And they really dig free stuff. Shower them with promotional marketing goodies and remind them that you love them too.

Wanna be part of something big? Get your custom-branded promotional marketing gear here