There are few things in life as exciting as a brand new car purchase. You’ve paid the down payment, shelled out for the extended warranty and purchased the best floor mats money can buy. You drive off the lot ever so carefully. Fast-forward one year later and the honeymoon is over. Your windshield is thick with dirt, there is a fresh coffee stain on your passenger side upholstery and you are more than 2,000 miles overdue for an oil change. Things can go downhill very quickly without proper (and regular) WordPress maintenance. These aren’t hard things but ignoring them often leads to a snowball effect. Your WordPress site is no different.

So, Why WordPress?

WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) for small businesses. It powers over 20% of all websites and its versatility is second to none. Because of this, WordPress is updated frequently to protect your site from hackers and to introduce new features and security. Think of these updates like painting a fence. Without paint, a fence will rot or rust away. A busted fence is a hacker’s dream.

However, these constant version updates can cause problems with the themes and plugins that make your site unique and tailored to your business model. And, just like that “year-old” brand new car, its core files need to be uploaded, current themes and plugins need to be updated and security systems need to be checked.

Maintain your WordPress maintenance

Don’t be that person to let your shiny new WordPress site fall into disrepair. There are a few simple things that you can do to keep your site up to par.

  1. Make sure your version of WordPress is up to date. You can do this from the dashboard.
  2. Remove any plugins that you are not using and make sure the ones you have are up to date. Old, out-of-date plug-ins. They can conflict with newer versions of WordPress.
  3. Update your theme when adding content. Theme updates usually coincide with a major WordPress update. Having everything updated together will ensure everything is working properly and is secure. And, when updating, add a blog post or add new images.

Let us help

Small business owners are busy. We know that! If you are interested in a maintenance package, contact us, and a representative will work with you to establish a plan that fits your needs.