Hello! Have we met yet? My name is Dani and I’m your go-to swag specialist here at Kramer Madison. Branded promotional products are my calling, and if you have an upcoming event, promotion or project and are in need of some cool swag, I’m your girl! Let’s chat!

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HERE’S A QUICK ONE: THINKING PUTTY— there’s nothing silly about it

Swag is all the rage these days, and when you’re working on branding your business, it’s vital to pick out practical products that people will actually use, instead of stuffing it into a drawer, giving it to the kiddos, or worse… tossing it in the trash with last weeks leftovers, along with the hard earned money you spent on it. But never fear—your loyal Kramer swag specialist is here! By attending loads of tradeshows and expos, I’ve come across some pretty swanky products that stand out amongst the typical giveaways of pens, chip-clips and tote bags. And this specific product may be the king of all swankiness—Thinking Putty.

We’ve all been there, anxiously sitting at our desks, biting our nails, fretting about whatever stressful work situation we’re in. But, Thinking Putty takes your customer to the next level of stress relief and keeps your brand in mind at the same time.

Pull it out of the branded tin, squeeze it, shape it, flatten it—it’s one of those products you just can’t put down—and neither will your customers! Pick out your company’s colors, from standard options to metallic to glow in the dark, and let your logo be the one your client sees when they need a pick me up. Your product will surely be the one everyone is talking about at your upcoming event!

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