Far more than platitudes or a motivational poster, your vision, mission, and values are the foundation of your brand. By putting these words on paper, sharing them, and living up to the standards you set, you will better focus your business, unify your team, and enhance your branding.

Vision Statement: (Desired end-state): 

A one-sentence statement describing the clear and inspirational long-term desired purpose for you and your business.

Mission Statement (What you do & how you do it): 

A one-sentence statement describing how you will reach your vision. This will help guide decisions about priorities, actions, and responsibilities.

Your Values (What beliefs & behaviors matter most): 

Your values define the specific behaviors that are most important to you and the ongoing success of your business.


Questions to help guide this process:

  • Why did you choose your career?
  • What is the best compliment a customer can give you?
  • What do you love most about your job?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • What is your dream?
  • In what ways will you improve your marketplace and beyond?


The best way to start composing these documents is to find a quiet time and place. Take 3 sheets of paper and write one title and definition on the top of each. Let your thoughts flow, don’t judge, just write down what comes to mind.

Start with your vision, it’s your overarching objective and sets the stage. Create single-sentence descriptions for your vision and mission and a list of your values. Share these rough ideas with key staff, their input can be valuable in securing their buy-in. When completed, be sure to celebrate this work with your entire staff and welcome their input on how they can each bring your vision, mission, and value to life in your business.

Value Mart is a family-owned pharmacy client, in Orange, New Jersey. When Brian Sung took a leadership role within the pharmacy, he first carefully considered what was important to him and how to best position his pharmacy for success.

Value Mart Vision:

Become a role model and inspiration in building a healthier community.


With an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and customer service, we are dedicated to improving the health of our patients, customers, and community.

  • Recognize that positive human interaction will affect our customers’ entire experience
  • Continuous improvement and positive growth
  • Always consider our patients’ needs first
  • Become a role model for other businesses in the community
  • Find joy in serving our community and in the work we do

To bring this to life and “live the brand,” Value Mart implemented a variety of changes within the business. For example, to support their low-income patients they provide free children’s vitamins and free diabetic test strips. By visiting their website, valuemartrx.com, you can clearly see how they integrated their vision, mission, and values in their marketing.

Another valuable application for your vision, mission, and values is HR.  These documents are helpful tools for employee recruitment, training, and performance reviews. Create questions and use them during interviews. Meet with staff annually and ask what specific ways they’ve applied your values at work and reward your all-stars.

I hope this article helps you look forward with clarity. Our vision is to help successful businesses, like yours, become more successful sooner and we welcome any questions or comments.

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